Best Fitness Trackers for Diabetics

Fitness trackers have become an invaluable tool for managing chronic conditions such as diabetes. By seamlessly integrating with Continuous Glucose Monitors, these devices offer more than just workout metrics—they provide a comprehensive view of your health. These trackers can help you manage your diet, heart rate, calorie intake, and even your blood oxygen. By making you aware of your health markers, they can help you better manage your diabetes.A smartwatch can be a great tool for diabetics, but there are so many available on the market. Thankfully, we’ve made your life easier by doing the research for you.

In this article, we’ll explore the best fitness trackers for diabetics and highlight how these gadgets can enhance lifestyle management and support non-invasive health monitoring.

Why Smartwatches for Diabetics?

These devices go beyond traditional fitness tracking by offering a multi-faceted approach to health management. For individuals with diabetes, smartwatches can be life-changing. They offer the ability to monitor vital health metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure(in some cases), and physical activity, and, with the integration of CGM systems, you can also measure blood sugar levels.

This constant monitoring enables you to maintain better control over their condition. Moreover, the convenience and non-invasive nature of smartwatches reduces the psychological burden often associated with diabetes management, making them an essential tool in the diabetic’s toolkit.

Key Features to Look for in Your Fitness Tracker

When choosing a fitness tracker as a diabetic, focus on:

  • Accuracy: Prioritize devices known for reliable health metrics, crucial for monitoring blood sugar trends and heart rate.
  • Health Monitoring Features: Look for trackers offering comprehensive health insights, including sleep quality, physical activity, and stress levels, to manage diabetes effectively.
  • Design and Comfort: Select a device with a comfortable fit and user-friendly interface, ensuring it can be worn daily without inconvenience.
  • Battery Life: Opt for trackers with long battery life to minimize frequent charging and ensure continuous health monitoring.
  • Compatibility with Diabetes Management Tools: Choose devices that seamlessly sync with diabetes management apps or CGMs for easy access to your glucose readings and other vital health data.

Top Health Trackers for Diabetics in 2024

Fitbit Sense Advanced

Fitbit Sense 2™ (Shadow Grey / Graphite Aluminum)

Credit: Fitbit


The Fitbit Sense Advanced stands out for its comprehensive health tracking capabilities, designed to monitor stress, heart rate, and skin temperature. It’s especially appealing for diabetics due to its compatibility with third-party CGM systems, enabling easy monitoring of blood glucose levels. With a sleek design, 6-day battery life, and a broad range of wellness features, it caters to those seeking a holistic health overview. However, its app ecosystem might feel restricted compared to other platforms, which is a consideration for users looking for extensive app integrations.

Apple Watch Series 7

Credit: Apple


The Apple Watch Series 7 is renowned for its extensive health-tracking features, including the ability to monitor ECG and blood oxygen levels, making it a valuable tool for diabetics when used with third-party CGM apps. Its tight integration with the iOS ecosystem enhances its utility, providing a seamless experience for iPhone users. However, its reliance on an iPhone for full functionality and shorter battery life compared to some competitors are considerations for potential users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

A Graphite Galaxy Watch 5 device showing its front watch face that has the time displayed.

Credit: Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers robust health tracking, including body composition analysis and sleep monitoring, making it a solid choice for individuals with diabetes, particularly those in the Android ecosystem. It supports Dexcom CGM data integration, enhancing its appeal for continuous health monitoring. Its durability and comprehensive health metrics, alongside exclusive features for Samsung users, position it as a versatile smartwatch. However, some functionalities are tied to the Samsung ecosystem, which might limit its appeal to non-Samsung smartphone users.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Credit: Mobvoi


The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS stands out with its innovative dual-layer display, enhancing battery life significantly, up to 45 days in Essential Mode. It is perfect for health-conscious users since it offers comprehensive health-tracking features, including heart rate monitoring. Its compatibility with a Dexcom glucose monitor through third-party apps makes it a viable option for diabetics seeking to integrate their health data for a more informed lifestyle. This smartwatch strikes a balance between functionality, battery life, and health management, making it a compelling choice for individuals prioritizing a healthy lifestyle alongside diabetes management.

Garmin Forerunner

Forerunner® 255 Music

Credit: Garmin


The Garmin Forerunner series is designed for fitness enthusiasts, including those managing diabetes. It offers advanced fitness tracking, long battery life, and compatibility with third-party health apps, making it a practical choice for monitoring physical activity and health metrics. While not explicitly targeted at diabetics, its features support a healthy lifestyle, which is crucial for diabetes management. The Forerunner series emphasizes durability and precision, appealing to users who value detailed workout analytics and robust design in their health management toolkit.

Use the MyHealth App to Keep Your Health in Check

The MyHealth App is a comprehensive tool designed to help you manage your health more effectively. By seamlessly syncing data from various fitness trackers, it offers a unified view of your health metrics, making it easier to track and manage diabetes.This integration allows for the automatic transfer of critical health data, including blood glucose levels and physical activity, directly to the app. This information can be easily shared with your healthcare provider for a more collaborative and informed approach to diabetes management.Download the app today to start taking better control of your health.