How The My Health Rocks App Works

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Introducing MyHealth App: Elevating Patient Care and Engagement!

The MyHealth app is the pinnacle of the My Health Rocks app program. Our team deeply cares about improving the patient experience. Our first question is if you know how to use the MyHealth App on your smartphone or tablet. If you need help, we can guide you through the steps.

Our app is designed to improve communication and the health regimen journey for doctors and patients alike. In addition to monitoring physical activity, you can also receive more information about your body.

Tracking And Improving Your Health

Health standards have changed, with electronic medical charts becoming the standard. Doctors have had to adjust traditions in the clinic and office to accommodate globalized treatments and technological innovations.

What Features Can You Use?


Zoho Documentation Center

While medical offices want to ensure you have access to your lab results, data can get lost during transitions between different physicians or when insurance changes. With Zoho, you can receive your lab results directly without losing data.

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Garmin Integration

Sometimes, you have questions about your prescriptions or blood test rules as a patient. While doctors can answer questions, they aren’t always available due to the number of people seen daily. Garmin documentation allows you to centralize this information without waiting on bottlenecks or busy doctors.
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Mobile Health Services

Do you need help accessing your health data and appointments? Our mobile health can allow you to streamline your meetings and check-ins with different facilities.
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Health Track Diary

One problem with pen and paper health track diaries is their different formats. Such limitations can demoralize the patient while discouraging the habit. The same goes for most online versions, which must be downloaded in PDF forms. This health diary allows you to make notes to share with your physician at your convenience.
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Diagnostic Reports

Are you concerned about advocating for yourself? What about reviewing diagnostic reports? With diagnostic information, you can request the care you want and stay in contact in real-time with your physician.
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User Friendly Assistance

My Health Rocks have a team that deeply cares about your health goals. In addition to checking your statistics and keeping data secure between patients and medical professionals, we want to ensure you know about your current treatment plans and medications. Body changes can be scary at all stages of life, and we want to use technology to make it more understandable.

Who Can Access The My Health Rocks App?

Find My Health in the Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet. Then download and fill out the necessary information. Android and Apple users can access the app. 

We maintain a secure server to keep your data private and privy only to your medical professional. 

Ready To Simplify Your Patient Compliance?

To learn more about why we are better than other health apps, please contact us today.

At My Health Rocks, the team is ready to answer all of your questions about leveraging the different features to simplify your health journey.