Effortlessly increase patient engagement and compliance

My Health Rocks web is the ideal tool for tracking, analyzing, and sharing your physical activity from your mobile device.

Document center

The ability to obtain lab results directly from Zoho CRM via the Myhealth website.

Mobile Health Services

My health Website functions as a central repository for health and fitness data, interacting with the HealthKit and Google Fit services to view and share that data.

Garmin Connect Integration

The ability to integrate important health data from Garmin Connect so that you can consult it more easily.

Discover More Benefits

My Health Rocks’ personalized health and fitness experience includes a variety of features, such as:

Health Track Diary

Capability to write periodic entries in a health track diary using predefined concise and simple formats.

Advertisement Section

Users are able to view recurring publications (Ads) on the products of their service providers who are registered in My Health Rocks as doctors.

Diagnostic Reports

The patient can receive customised reports from their primary care doctor that are focused on the health information shared through My health rocks.

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